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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Please use your mind to consider the consequences!!!

Please do not make stupid
Do not use your mind to make childish things
Let us not tolerate this behavior
Do not think that everyone can live with you, you can make it as a matter for the!!
Please do not make you in front of us and how sweet he moves, people can not stand!!
Want attention??
I hate you do, we do not envy you.
We just feel very sick!!
I ask you, how many genuine friends??
I hate your bad habits!!
I tell you, because you are my sister, I will advise you
If you're not my sister, my reason you are stupid!!
If you know your friend does not like you do, you will not do so slightly!
You have grown up, friends do not make childish things
Do not ignore people at every turn, where angry
Instant they become a different person so you do not feel very naive?
This behavior is what you will make people hate you! 
Think carefully about the next bar! Girl

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