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Friday, July 1, 2011

Confidentiality can you do?

Come on you mouth can do that much?
You do not like me you can roll!!
No one forced you be friends with me ah
Less you what this friend I will not
A man not to do so both sides can do??
If you are double-sided person who you away from me!!
You talk about bad things about me to speak in front of me, do not make irresponsible remarks behind my back!
Do not put one pair in front of me I look good, but behind my back stabbed me!!
Do not speak ill of others do not recognize
You the truth I can forgive, but you lie to me I will hate you even more!
You promised us that you do not speak, the result le?
You do not say it!?
I regret to tell you these things!!
You are very confidential, damn it!!
You have more tolerance you have buzhid
Good for you to climb on my head to you
I almost had you have people you do not go too far!!
The action you I am disgusted with the almost
Do not do too much slightly
Someone to be your patron, you can do that so in order??
What if that person left you, you can also do this?
I just give you face me when you are my sister that I do not quarrel with you!
If you're not my sister, I do not know what the consequences!!
You really make a lot of people hate you, tired of you
Do you have a few close friends?
If he left you what would you
Lonely, lonely, sad??
I do not know.
You said you would change, and change to it??
You said there, but I can not see
The so-called father, like son!!
Please speak more politely
I do not need to say to you, you self-love points.
Even if you reflect on the next.
----------Do not pigeon-holing♥thk^^-----------

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