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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Think I Really Fell In Love With You♥

I think ... I love you
How to do??
I tried to say to myself ....
Perhaps another point to think I would be better =)
But ... I can not!!

I love your cute, your naughty.
It's that simple ^ ^
True love is too too easy to sacrifice yourself, this is true??
Like a person is not wrong, right?
Courage to what can be done ...
May have to try something else.

Perhaps I am not the same with you ...
Is so easy. Right??
Friendship, love and affection?
I would choose the family =)
It does not hurt me, do not abandon me.
He would cheer me!!
This is the meaning of family.

Sometimes betray you!!
However, the setbacks would encourage you ...
Encouraged by friends is very important to me ^ ^

For the love ... I can not tell
Can only rely on fate, destiny, chance.

Thanks to my counselor----My DADA Loh Yu Jing♥ ^^

Chee Wei Zhen keep it up+cheer up!
Strong point =)

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